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Proving Continuing Eligibility

We are in the process of updating the SNAP Advocacy Guide, so some of the information is no longer current.  In the meantime, you can read or download a PDF of the 2023 guide from

Produced by Patricia Baker and Victoria Negus, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Reviewed January 2020

What changes do I need to report to DTA?

When you are approved for SNAP, you are “certified” for a set amount of time. This is called your certification period. You will need to complete reevaluations (Interim Reports and/or Recertifications) in order to maintain eligibility for SNAP.

After SNAP is approved, you should get a notice telling you what your reporting rules are, how long your certification period is, and what kind of certification type you have. There are 3 types of certification types with different reporting and reevaluation requirements. See the chart below.

Your SNAP reporting requirements should be on your most recent SNAP approval notice. However, sometimes DTA notices are not clear about reporting requirements. You can also call DTA to ask what your reporting rules are.

Bay State Cap reporting rules are not covered in this section. See What is Bay State CAP for SSI recipients? for more information about Bay State Cap.

SNAP certification types

Certification Type Which households? What do I have to report and when?
36 Month Certification Period
See What is the Elder/Disabled Simplified Application Project (EDSAP) and how will it affect me?
Households where all adults are either age 60+ or disabled and have no earned income (can include with children under 18) Recertification at 36 months. No Interim Reports.
Also required to report if:
  • someone joins or leaves the households
  • anyone in the household starts a job (has earnings)
Simplified Reporting:
12 Month Certification Period
See What is Simplified Reporting and when must I report changes to DTA?
All other households including families with children, non-elder/disabled members, working members, ABAWDs, students, etc Interim Report at 6 months and Recertification at 12 months.
Also required to report if:
  • Gross income exceeds 200% FPL for the household size, unless household includes senior or person with disability (no reporting requirements for households with senior or person with a disability).
  • If an ABAWD, must also report if meeting the rules through work and work hours drop below 20 per week.
Change Reporting:
12 Month Cert. Period
See What is Change Reporting for cash assistance households?
Public Assistance cases – all members receive TAFDC, EAEDC, or SSI cash benefits. Recertification at 12 months.
Also required to report a number of changes to household circumstances.

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