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What are reasons EOHLC might deny my application?

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, Rosie's Place
Created June 2014

Even if you meet the other rules explained in this guide, EOHLC can still deny you shelter for certain reasons. You may hear these reasons called “disqualifying reasons.”
EOHLC can deny you shelter if:

  1. You left subsidized housing in the past year. EOHLC calls this “abandoning subsidized housing.”
    • But they should not deny you if you had good cause for leaving, like domestic violence or a serious threat to your safety in your home.
  2. You were in EA shelter in the past 12 months.
    • But if you left shelter for safe, permanent housing and it ended up not safe or permanent, you may be able to get back into shelter without having to wait 12 months.
    • Also, if you were in shelter, but left with Household Assistance, you may be able to get back into shelter after 3 months.
  3. You were evicted from subsidized housing in the past 3 years because you did not pay rent.

EOHLC should not deny you shelter for an eviction if:

  • You had other housing since the eviction and you lost that housing for a reason that is not a “disqualifying reason,” or
  • You were evicted because of the behavior of another person who is not applying for shelter with you.

If EOHLC says you are not eligible because of the way you lost prior housing, contact legal services for help. Call 617-603-1700 or 1-800-342-LAWS or Find Legal Aid.

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