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What if my landlord asks me to give up my rights?

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute with assistance from legal services offices in Massachusetts
Created May 2017

What if my landlord asks me to give up my rights?

Your landlord may ask you to sign an agreement that gives up your legal claims. This means you are giving up your right to take your landlord to court in the future.

For example, the agreement might say that you agree to “waive or release any legal claims you have against the landlord.” Waive or release means you give up something.

If you agree to do this:

  • The waiver or release of claims should go both ways. Ask your landlord to waive all claims against you.
  • Only agree to give up legal claims you know about. Put in the agreement that you “agree to waive only those claims that are known or are reasonably knowable as of the date of the agreement.”


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