What do I get if I qualify for ConnectorCare?

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Reviewed November 2021

All ConnectorCare HMO plans cover benefits like doctor visits, prescription medicines, hospitalization, behavioral health and emergency care.

Connector Care plans have:

  • low monthly premiums,
  • low copays, and
  • no deductible.

See a list of the benefits and copayments that ConnectorCare covers. See the list in:

In 2021-2022, the 5 ConnectorCare HMOs are:

  • Tufts Health Plan Direct
  • BMC Health Net Plan, 
  • Fallon Health, 
  • Allways Health Partners, and 
  • Health New England.

Once you qualify for ConnectorCare, you have a deadline to enroll. Enrolling means you

  • pick an HMO and
  • pay the first month’s premium by a deadline. Not everyone has a premium.


If you miss the deadline to enroll, you may only be able to enroll later if you can show a special exception. See more information on enrollment into ConnectorCare.

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