Making Sure Your Forms are Ready

Produced by Attorney Mariah Jennings-Rampsi for MassLegalHelp
Created October 2016

Make sure your forms are ready to file with the court.  Use the checklist below:

  • I have completed the form checklist.
  • My name is on every form that asks for it.
  • All the blanks are filled in on every form.  If the blank did not apply to me, I wrote “N/A.”
  • I signed and dated all pages that need signatures. Note: the date does not need to be the same date you file your forms, it just has to have the date you filled out the form.
  • I have a typed list of my creditors’ names and addresses for the Creditor Matrix.
  • I made a copy of all of my bankruptcy forms for my own records.
  • I put the copy in a safe place.


Check to make sure you have done everything listed above and not made the mistakes in the video. If you did everything, you are ready to file your bankruptcy forms.

Filing without a lawyer

  • Bankruptcy is complicated. Filing without a lawyer is risky.
  • You can lose property and money. You can go to jail if you do not tell the truth.

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