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What happens after we file our agreement to change an order or a judgment?

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Reviewed October 2019

The judge will look at your papers and decide if it is necessary to have a hearing.

The judge may schedule a hearing

The judge will schedule a hearing if

  • the forms are not filled out correctly;
  • the forms are not signed;
  • the Agreement changes a judgment and your signatures are not notarized;
  • the judge has questions about the agreement; or
  • the judge needs more information.

If the judge decides a hearing is necessary, the court notify you of the time and date of the hearing. You should get this notice within 21 days of filing your Joint Petition/Motion to Change a Judgment or Temporary Order.

The judge may decide a hearing is not necessary

If the judge decides a hearing is not necessary, they will approve or dismiss your case within 30 days of when you filed.

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