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Asking for Supervised Parenting Time or Supervised Visitation if you are served with a summons and complaint

Produced by Attorney Jeff Wolf for MassLegalHelp
Created March 2017

In Jack and Jill's situation:

  • there is no visitation or parenting time order, and
  • the parents need a Parenting Time Order or a Supervised Parenting Time Order.

Jack and Jill are not married. They have a 3 year old daughter, Sally. Jill and Jack signed a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Parentage. But Jack and Jill never went to court so Jill has sole custody of Sally.

Jack and Sally really enjoy each other’s company. They have fun together. Jill believes Jack has a lot to offer Sally. He takes her to the park, reads to her, plays games with her, and they watch her TV shows together. But Jack often forgets Sally is even there. He forgets to take her with him when he runs errands. When he was watching TV or playing computer games, Sally has wandered off and Jack did not know where she was or what she was doing.

Jill wants Sally to have a relationship with her dad. Jack wants to be part of Sally’s life and Sally wants to spend time with him. Jack is a lot of fun.

Jill is sure Jack cannot look after Sally by himself. She told him that he cannot spend time with Sally anymore on his own. Jill needs the time Jack spends with Sally to be supervised. Jack does not think he needs supervision.

Jack has filed a Complaint for Custody-Support-Parenting Time (Ch. 209C) to ask for parenting time.

When Jill gets served with Jack’s filed complaint, she files an Answer. See the answer Jill might file. She also has to file an Affidavit Disclosing Care or Custody Proceedings. The form tells the court if there are already any court orders about your child. It also tells the court if any judge is making decisions about your child now. In addition to filing her Answer, Jill can also file a Motion for Supervised Parenting Time to ask that Jack’s mother Irene be present when he is with Sally.

Jill would also file a Proposed Order and an Affidavit in Support of Supervised Parenting Time.

If you are served with a summons and complaint and you need to ask for supervised parenting time,


and file:

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