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Revisado November 28, 2005

This is your article - Edit it

Make sure you get the right "edit" button for this article. It will take you straight to
Properties. Enter

  • Title
  • Menu Title
  • URL

These will not appear anywhere to users. However, give them names
that are meaningful to you so we will a) know where to find them, or b)
where they belong, if we lose them. Enter the information about the
article in Security and Metadata then come back to Properties. You can
delete the directions as you go work through them.


  • make sure you are the owner
  • If you are working on an article and not yet ready to publish you can change who can view? to content managers.


  • author type in the author of this article as you would like it to appear to our users; your program, someone else's program etc,
  • created is the original date the article was written, you need to type a date in follow the model 
  • updated is the last date the content was revised - substantively.
  • Synopsis use this field to type a note to yourself or other editors about the content of this article 


Come back to this tab, making sure you have gone through all of the steps above. to delete everything in this box, Description,
click in the box. Hold down Ctrl and type A. This selects everything in
the box. Now, begin typing your content or paste the content from
somewhere else into this page. If you get stuck, call me! 339 927 8509

Enjoy! Caroline 


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