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Is there anyone I can talk with about special education for my child?

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute & Justice Center of Southeastern Massachusetts
Created February, 2022

A Parent Advisory Council (PAC) brings parents of students with disabilities together to learn and talk about things they have in common.  Each school district must have a PAC.

Your local PAC meets with the school committee to talk about the education of students with disabilities in the district. You can become involved. Attend a PAC meeting to meet other parents and learn about bigger issues in the school district that may affect your child’s education.

Your school should have a special education coordinator you can talk to.

You can also talk to a special education advocate or lawyer

If you have a specific question about laws or regulations, or if you believe the school is doing something they should not do, you can fill out an online complaint with the Problem Resolution System call the Program Quality Assurance office of the Massachusetts Department of Education.


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