Does the school have to do anything different if my child is on the autism spectrum?

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Created February, 2022

If your child is on the autism spectrum, the IEP Team must consider things that are specific to children on the autism spectrum.  When they are developing the child’s IEP they must consider your child’s:

  •  Verbal and nonverbal communication skills,
  • Social interaction skills,
  •  Ability to avoid and respond to bullying,
  • Responses to sensory experiences,
  • Ability to adapt to change in their routine or their surroundings like moving from one room to another or a change in class schedule, or if there is a change in class time,
  • Repetitive activities and “stereotyped movements” like hand-flapping and rocking,
  • Response to positive behavioral interventions, and

Other needs so that they can make progress in school and their social and emotional development1 .

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