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How do I know if the Individualized Education Program is helping my child?

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Created February, 2022

The IEP is helping your child if they are making “effective progress” You can see if they are making “effective progress” if:

  • They are meeting their IEP goals.
  • Their goals are challenging enough.
  • They are learning new information and skills.

You should be able to see their progress.

Your child’s progress reports, report cards, and test scores describe the improvements your child is making.

Note on IEP Progress Reports

Your child’s school sends progress reports and report cards regularly. These reports show if your child is making progress in their classes. If your child has an IEP, the school will also send IEP progress reports that describe if your child is reaching their IEP goals. You should get 4 progress reports a year. Ask the school for the dates they send out IEP progress reports. Remember, besides academics, your child’s IEP goals may also include social, emotional, and daily living goals.

IEP progress reports can be confusing. If you do not understand something in a progress report, ask the school’s special education coordinator to explain it to you.

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