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Who pays for your mental health care?

Produced by Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee
Reviewed June 24, 2009

Who your insurer is determines what services you will get and who can provide them

Do you have Medicaid, otherwise known as MassHealth? (MassHealth Website). What type of MassHealth?(Description of MassHealth Coverage Types). Do you have Medicare? Do you have private insurance through your employer or former spouse? Or do you have a combination of these?

Why do you need to know who pays for your mental health care?

Who pays for your mental healthcare determines which psychiatrists and therapists you will be able to see under your plan. Insurance companies usually contract with certain providers and usually won’t pay for those who are not in their "network".

You also need to know who your insurer is because it determines who you contact if services are denied, if you have a complaint about services, and what your rights are.

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