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How can I make sure I get the services I want?

Produced by Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee
Reviewed July 7, 2009

Talk to your doctor or therapist.

Before you can get a service, you must have a mental health clinician willing to provide it.

If your doctor or therapist won’t provide the services you want, ask her why. If the explanation doesn’t satisfy you, try to find another doctor or therapist.

In most cases, the new clinician will have to be part of your insurance company’s provider network – a list of doctors and therapists who meet the insurer’s requirements and are willing to be paid what the insurer offers. The insurance company must give you names of providers that meet your mental health needs.

Has your doctor or therapist submitted a request for the services to the insurance company?

If your doctor or therapist agrees that you need the services you want, ask if she has submitted a request for those services to the insurance company. Ask her to keep you informed of what the insurance company says.

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