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Can I get Ch. 115 and VA benefits at the same time?

Produced by Veterans Legal Clinic Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School
Created August 2018
It depends. You may be able to get Ch. 115 benefits while also getting VA benefits as long as you still have low income.  The higher the amount of your VA benefits, the lower your Ch. 115 benefits will be.  If you get a high amount of VA benefits, you may be over the income limits for Ch. 115.
Many veterans get Ch. 115 benefits while waiting for their VA benefits application to be decided by VA. If you are eventually approved for VA benefits and get a retroactive check that covers the same time period that you got Ch. 115 benefits, you may have to repay the Ch. 115 benefits to the VSO. You only have to repay the Ch. 115 benefits if you agreed to do so ahead of time by signing an Agreement to Reimburse (Form VS-20A). This reimbursement agreement may also apply to other types of delayed payments for monthly benefits, including VA compensation, VA pension, SSI, or SSDI.

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Chapter 115 Benefits for Veterans and their Dependents

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