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What should I do if my income or situation changes?

Produced by Veterans Legal Clinic Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School
Created August 2018

If your income or living situation changes, you may be eligible for more or less benefits. You should tell the VSO about any changes, including changes to your income, employment, medical expenses, housing expenses, marriage, dependents, or roommates.

If you do not tell your VSO, you might not be paid the right amount of benefits.  If you are overpaid, the VSO can require you to give back the extra money you got.

At least once a year, the VSO will send you a letter asking for information to make sure you are still eligible for benefits. If you do not respond, there is a risk the VSO will stop your benefits.  Talk to your local VSO about this recertification process because each VSO office can be different.

Use the Mass Vet Benefit Calculator to find out if you qualify.

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