Can I get my SNAP case reopened if I am denied for lack of proofs?

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Reviewed January 2020

It depends. DTA must give you a full 30 days to get in proofs before your SNAP application is denied – that’s 30 days from the date you applied for SNAP. DTA must also send you a timely notice of the verifications they need and alternative proofs you can send.

If the proofs DTA needs are still missing by day 30, DTA will send you a pending denial notice. 106 C.M.R. §361.930. The SNAP pending denial notice should list the specific proofs that are still missing, and tell you that you have another 30 days to bring in these proofs.

If you get the proofs to DTA within this second 30 day period, your case should get reopened. You do not need to reapply. 106 C.M.R.§361.940. However, your benefits may be prorated. See What if DTA does not give me SNAP back to the date I applied?


Vicky applied for SNAP on June 1. She sent DTA most of the required verifications by June 29, but was missing wage stubs from one of her part-time jobs. Vicky was sent a denial notice dated June 30th telling her she was denied and the proofs missing. Vicky sends DTA the missing wage stubs on July 10. DTA should reopen Vicky’s SNAP application without making her reapply.

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