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Created April 13, 2011

Evidence to Help You with Request that ICE Not Remove You

Created May 2010

The earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010 was a disaster. It killed 230,000 people, hurt 300,000 people and left 1,000,000 people homeless. Thousands of homes and businesses were also destroyed.

The United States government reached out to Haitians right away. The US sent food and supplies. The government also said certain Haitians living in the U.S. could stay and work here regardless of their immigration status, until it is safe to return to Haiti.

Thousands of Haitians live in Massachusetts right now. Many Haitians have lived here for years. Others have just arrived. A lot of rumors about immigration possibilities and public benefits are flying around the Haitian community. Learn the facts here on MassLegalHelp.

MassLegalHelp gives only general answers to common questions. If you have questions about your own immigration status, read these questions to learn more, but speak with an experienced immigration attorney to get advice on what to do. 

Immigration law is confusing. Every case is different.  Always talk to an immigration attorney about your own case.  Many organizations offer free immigration legal advice and services.  To find a legal service agency in your area, please call 617-367-8544 or see Immigration Specialists.

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Alert! The new deadline to apply for Haitian TPS is January 18, 2011.

Catholic Charities Haitian Multi Service Center 185 Columbia Road Dorchester, MA 02122KLINIK


  • De foto paspò Prèv nasyonalite (Dezyèm evidans y’ap konsidere si premye evidans la pa disponib) Paspò (pote’l menm si li ekspire) Akdenesans Dezyèm evidans (pa ekzanp: katdidantite ki soti ayiti ak foto e/oubyen anprent) Prèv dat ou te antre etazini.
  • Paspò I-94 Prèv rezidans nan dat ak aprè douz janvye de mil dis (12/1/2010) Rekò travay; Rekò lekòl; resi lwaye kay; bòdwo; Rekò lopital; deklarasyon bankè; eksetera.
  • Money Order $470 pou moun ant 14 ak 65 lane ki bezwen otorizasyon pou travay $130 pou moun ant 14 and 65 lane KI PA bezwen otorizasyon pou travay $130 pou moun ki gen plis ke 65 lane e ki bezwen otorizasyon pou travay $50 pou timoun anba 14 lane


  • Two passport photos
  • Proof of nationality (one of the below) Passport (expired ok) Birth certificate + English translation Secondary evidence (e.g. national ID from Haiti with photo and/or fingerprint)
  • Proof of date of entry to U.S. Passport I-94 Proof of residence on and after 01/12/2010 (at least one paper dated between Dec. 2009-January 12, 2010 and one paper dated after January 21, 2010): THE MORE EVIDENCE THE BETTER Employment records; School records; Rent receipts; Utility bills; Hospital records; Bank statements; etc.
  • Money Order $470 for people between 14 and 65 who want work authorization $130 for people between 14 and 65 who DO NOT want work authorization $130 for people over 65 who want work authorization $50 for children under 14 years old

If you cannot pay, you MUST bring all the documentation required for a fee waiver

Get Legal Help

Before you talk to USCIS always speak with an Immigration Specialist.

Get Legal Help

Before you talk to USCIS always speak with an Immigration Specialist.


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