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How Can I Meet the TAFDC Work Requirement?

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Reviewed August 2023

What are the TAFDC work rules?

The TAFDC program has work rules. 

But you have the right to be excused from the work rules if you can not work due to health problems, domestic violence, pregnancy, or emergency situations. 

Who does not have to meet (is "exempt" from) the work rules?

Many people do not have to meet the rules (are "exempt" from the rules). For example, you are exempt if you:

  • are disabled 
  • are caring for a child or spouse with disabilities,
  • are pregnant with a due date within 120 days,
  • have a child under 2, 
  • are 60 or older 
  • are a relative caregiver receiving TAFDC for a child in your home (such as grandparents raising grandchildren) 

How many hours do I need to work each week if I have to meet the work rules?

It depends on the age of the youngest child in your home.

  • If the youngest child is age 6 or started first grade (whichever date is later), you have to work or be in a program for 30 hours per week.
  • If the youngest child is age 2 through 5, you have to work or be in a program for 20 per week.

What kind of things count to meet the work rules?

  • working in a job for pay,

  • participating in an DTA Pathways to Work education, employment or training activity,

  • volunteering at an community service site approved by DTA, or

  • a combination of one or more of the above. 

Can I get child care?

Yes. You can get free child care for the hours you are meeting the work rules. You can also get child care for the time it takes you to travel between the child care placement and your work activity. 

What if I have a good reason I am not meeting the work rules?

Visit our page on good reasons to not meet a program rule. Tell DTA right away if you have a good reason! 

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