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Rent in Public Housing

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Reviewed 11 September, 2009

If you are a tenant in public housing in Massachusetts this information will anwer your questions about how rents are set in both state and federal public housing in Massachusetts. In addition, if you are living in public housing that is undergoing redevelopment so that you will no longer be in public housing, but in a mixed finance site with other types of subsidies, this explains how rents may change.

All of these questions are also available in a booklet which includes legal citations. You can download the booklet, Rent in Public Housing as a PDF file.

Please share this information freely with tenants, housing authorities and organizations working with tenants.

Keep in mind

Keep in Mind: Legislation passed by Congress in 2016 made major changes to how rents are set in federal public housing and Section 8, but HUD has not yet issued or implemented regulations for all of those changes. Check back for the most up to date information.

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