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Full Chapter - Kinds of Tenancies

Produced by Patty Whiting
Reviewed May 2017

If you are a tenant in Massachusetts you have the right to a decent apartment. Under the law, landlords must keep the property they rent in good condition. See Chapter 8: Getting Repairs Made for more about housing conditions.

You also have the right to live in your apartment until you decide to move out or a judge orders you to move out. The only legal way your landlord can make you move out is to file an eviction case (also called "summary process" and take you to court. See Chapter 12: Evictions for more information about this process.

Your other rights and responsibilities depend on:

  • The kind of tenancy you have, and
  • The kind of housing you rent.

This chapter helps you figure out the tenancy you have. Other chapters explain your rights.

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