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Full Chapter - Tenant Screening

Produced by Paul Schack
Created May 2017

Before you look for a place to live it is important to understand how landlords do tenant screening and what rights you have.

The proper purpose of tenant screening is for a landlord to determine if you will be a responsible tenant who will pay the rent on time, keep an apartment in good condition, and not disturb neighbors or damage property.

Every landlord screens tenants differently. Because so much information is available now on the internet some landlords may use that information to reject tenants just because they were at some point involved in a court case regardless of the result of the case.

Click the links below to protect yourself during the tenant screening process if you are searching for an apartment in the private market.

If you are applying for public or subsidized housing there are specific rules about tenant screening. Read Finding Public and Subsidized Housing, Chapter 6: Tenant Screening.

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