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Protect yourself in an eviction

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, with assistance from legal services offices in Massachusetts
Reviewed 2017-2023

If you are facing eviction, use this information to take action and protect your housing

In Massachusetts, you do not have the right to a lawyer if you are facing eviction. Many people have to represent themselves.

These 15 booklets can help you represent yourself if you are facing eviction in Massachusetts. These booklets have practical information about steps you need to take to protect your rights, including things you have to do before going to court. These booklets do not take the place of a lawyer.

15 booklets to help you represent yourself

Booklet 1: Protect Yourself in an Eviction  
What steps to take before going to court and what to bring to court

Booklet 2: Housing Code Checklist
What conditions violate the State Sanitary Code

Booklet 3: The Answer
How to defend yourself and explain to the court why you should not be evicted

Booklet 3A: Late Answer & Discovery
How to ask the court to accept your Answer and Discovery forms late

Booklet 4: Discovery
How to get information to prepare for your trial

Booklet 4A: Discovery for tenants in foreclosed properties
How to get information to prepare your case

Booklet 5: Transfer
How to transfer a case to Housing Court

Booklet 6: Removing a Default
How to get a new court date if you missed your court date

Booklet 7: Appeals
Where to file an appeal if you lost your case

Booklet 7A: Appeals
How to file an appeal from a case in Housing Court

Booklet 7B: Appeals
How to file an appeal from a case in District Court

Booklet 8: Stay
How to get time to stay in your home if you lost your case

Booklet 9: Affidavit of Indigency
How to ask the court to pay for court costs

Booklet 10: Negotiating a Settlement of Your Case
How to think through the terms you want in an agreement

Booklet 11: Error Correction Form
How to correct errors on your online court records.

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