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How much does ConnectorCare cost?

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Reviewed February 2023

You pay monthly for your HMO. This monthly charge is called a "premium." Sometimes when you visit your doctor or health care provider, you may also have to pay a “copayment.”


You have to pay the first month premium by the 23rd of the current month in order to enroll by the 1st of the following month. Then the Health Connector will bill you every month. The premium is the same every month.

If your situation changes and you report the change to the Health Connector, your premium can change.

The cost of your premium depends on your plan type and the HMO you pick. Your plan type is based on your income. See where your household income is on this table and which Plan Type applies to you.

  • If your income is 150% of the federal poverty level or less, you can choose an HMO that has no premium. 
  • If your income is more than 150% of poverty level you have to pay a premium. If you have an extreme financial hardship, you can apply for a temporary premium waiver.

Answer a few questions about your household and the Health Connector’s Get an Estimate tool will will show you what plans are available and what your estimated premium will be.


After you enroll, you may have to pay a copayment for some visits to your doctor or other health care provider. You pay the copay to the health care provider. This copayment is in addition to the monthly premium you pay to the Health Connector.

The amount of your copayment is based on your Plan Type. And your Plan Type is based on your income. For Copayments there are 3 Plan Types: Plan Type 1 copayments are the lowest, and Plan Type 3 are the highest.

ConnectorCare HMO plans all cover the same services and charge the same copayments for people in the same Plan Type.

See a List of the copayments for Plan Types 1, 2 and 3.

See a list of the benefits and copayments that ConnectorCare covers in 2023. See the list in Spanish.

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