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Fuel Assistance

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Reviewed November, 2021

Apply for Fuel Assistance

What is Fuel Assistance?

Fuel Assistance is a program that helps pay your heating bills by sending money to your heating company to be credited to your account. Getting Fuel Assistance also automatically qualifies you for important electricity and gas discounts.

Can I get Fuel Assistance?

All households earning less than 60% of state median income are financially eligible for fuel assistance. The amount you get depends on your income, household size, and whether you live in subsidized housing.

Can I get Fuel Assistance even if heat is included in my rent?

You can get Fuel Assistance if you pay for heat separate from your rent, but you also may be able to get it if heat is included in your rent.

If you live in public housing or have a housing voucher and heat is included in your rent, you can still get Fuel Assistance if your rent is more than a certain percentage of your income.

If you live in private housing and heat is included in your rent, you can get Fuel Assistance no matter how much rent you pay. Your rent can be less than 30% of your income and you can still get Fuel Assistance.

How do I apply for Fuel Assistance? 

Apply online or call the Heatline, 1-800-632-8175, to find out where in your area you can apply for Fuel Assistance.

Don’t delay – apply for Fuel Assistance today! 

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