How do I get an extra 26 weeks of Unemployment Insurance while I get training?

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Reviewed May 2022

Follow these 6 steps:

Step #1


  • Within 20 weeks after you start getting Unemployment, and
  • At least 3 weeks before the program starts.


If you miss the 20 week deadline, you can still apply.  See Worksheet:Keeping track of information.

Note: In 2020 and 2021, DUA did not send notice about the Training Opportunity Program (TOP). During the pandemic, the 20-week period to apply for TOP was “tolled” or stopped. In December 2021, DUA started to send out notice to claimants about TOP. You have 20 weeks from the date of the notice about TOP to apply.

Step #2

Find a program that:

  • DUA has approved,  or
  • Is a full-time vocational program with a 70% placement rate that DUA can approve.

Any MassHIRE Career Center can help:

Step #3

Complete Form 1622 Training Opportunities Program (TOP) Application.
Get the TOP application:

  • through your UI Online Account, or
  • call the TOP Unit: 617-626-5221, or
  • go to any MassHIRE Career Center.


Your training provider must complete part of the form.

Step #4

Submit your completed TOP application.

  • Through your UI Online account, scan and upload your application.
  • Fax: (617) 727-1797, or
  • Mail to:  DUA, Centralized TOP Unit
    19 Staniford Street
    Boston, MA 02114

Step #5

Wait to get approval from DUA before you begin training.

While you wait to hear from DUA keep doing:

  • full-time work search, and
  • certifying every week.

Step #6

Protect Your Extended Benefits

While you are in training:

  • Attend all your classes.
  • Certify weekly that you are in school.