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Quitting Your Job

Reviewed January 2019 - Greater Boston Legal Services

You may want to quit your job for several reasons. Maybe you want a better job. Maybe you dislike the job you have now. It is often easier to find a new job when you already have a job. Try to work things out with your employer before you leave. Talk to your employer about your problem with the job. If you can show that you tried to keep your job, you may be able to get Unemployment Insurance (UI).

Before you quit your job

  1. Look  for a new job first;
  2. Talk to your employer and see if your problems at work can be solved;
  3. Make sure you can handle the loss of wages; and  
  4. Make sure you leave in a polite way.

When should I get my last paycheck?

If you quit your job, your employer does not have to pay you on your last day. Instead, you should be paid at your regular pay period. If you do not have a regular pay day, you should be paid on the following Saturday. In this paycheck, you should also receive payment for any unused vacation. In some cases, you must also be paid for unused sick time.

When can I quit my job? Do I have to give notice?

You can leave your job whenever you want. However, it is much better to leave work on good terms with your employer and coworkers. One day, you may need a job recommendation from your current employer. If you leave suddenly or in negative way, your employer could tell other companies about it.

It is usually considered appropriate to give an employer "two weeks’ notice" when you plan to leave.

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By telling your employer two weeks before you want to leave your job, you are giving him or her time to fill your position.

If I quit my job, can I get UI benefits?

Maybe. If you left your job because you felt you had no other choice, and you tried to keep your job before you quit, you may be able to get UI. For more information on unemployment insurance benefits, see Can I get Unemployment Insurance if I quit my job?

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