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Things All Domestic Workers Should Know

Produced by Lydia Edwards, Esq. Brazilian Immigrant Center
Reviewed December 2016

Calling all nannies, house cleaners and adult care workers

Your employer must pay you at least minimum wage, $14.25 an hour.  Your employer must pay overtime for every hour you work over 40 hours each week.

You have the right to get paid every week or every other week.

Before you begin work your employer must give you:

Keep a record of the hours you work. All employers must keep a record of the hours their employees work. This includes your employer. If your employer does not have records, the court will look at yours!

If you work more than 16 hours in someone’s home and you get hurt, you have the right to get paid while you are getting better. This is “Workers Compensation.”

No one has the right to touch you sexually or make you feel uncomfortable.

If you live in the home and you make $10.00 an hour, your employer cannot make you pay more than $35/week to live there. Your living area must be big enough, safe, clean and include:

  • heat,
  • water that is safe to drink, and
  • light.

If you do not live in the home, your employer cannot make you pay for meals.
If you live in the home, your employer can only make you pay for meals if you agree in writing. Your employer can only charge you

  • $1.50 for breakfast,
  • $2.25 for lunch, and
  • $2.25 for dinner.

House cleaners, if you travel between the homes you clean, your employer must pay you for the time you are travelling.
Your employer does not have to pay you for driving between your home and work.

Your employer cannot fire you, refuse to hire you or pay you less because of your:

  • race,
  • gender,
  • sexual orientation, or
  • because you are pregnant.

Protect yourself! Have a written contract.

See, the Massachusetts Attorney General's pdf about Domestic Workers Rights and Protections.

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