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If my child does not live with me right now, can I still get TAFDC?

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Reviewed February, 2019

You can usually get TAFDC if your child is away, as long as:

  • you are still keeping a home for your child and
  • your child is coming back soon.

You can get TAFDC if your child is away from home for less than 120 days (about four months). You may be able to get TAFDC if your child is away at a residential school or if your child is visiting someone else's home, or if there is some temporary family crisis. You may be able to get TAFDC if you have shared custody of your child and he or she lives with you for only part of the week.

If your child is away for more than 120 days for "good cause" you may still be able to get TAFDC.  "Good cause" means things like your child is hospitalized or in a residential school but comes home for visits or holidays, or you have a temporary family crisis.  

If after a care and protection hearing the court ordered your child be removed you probably will not be able to get TAFDC.

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