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What are domestic violence specialists?

Produced by Greater Boston Legal Services
Reviewed April 2019

What are Domestic Violence Specialists?

Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) has specially trained workers called "domestic violence specialists." Domestic Violence Specialists are there to help you. They can help you apply for good cause and domestic violence waivers, and can refer you to services outside of DTA.

Your DTA worker is supposed to refer you to a specialist if you tell him or her that you have experienced domestic violence. It is up to you whether or not you want to talk to the specialist.

You can talk to the specialist at any time, even if you decide not to at first.  You can call the specialist directly. Call the welfare office and ask to speak to the domestic violence specialist. Each domestic violence specialist covers several offices, so call ahead if you want to talk with a specialist.

If your worker says that you must speak to a specialist and you do not want to, call your local legal services program for help or advice.

Who to call for help

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