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Massachusetts Coalition for
Supervised Visitation
5 Sacramento Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

The Coalition, a chapter of the Supervised Visitation Network (SVN), exists to provide and promote, according to the highest professional standards, emotionally and physically safe, supervised contact between children and family members from whom they are separated.

Supervised Visitation is parent/child contact overseen by a third party, in which the primary focus is the protection and safety of the child and adult participants.

Member programs provide an array of supervised visitation services, including:

  • supervised exchanges
  • supervised visitation (on site or in the community)
  • supportive supervised visitation

Families can expect:

  • a plan for safe arrival and departure and the safe use of the service
  • a focus on children's needs and reactions
  • information on community resources
  • case management and collateral contacts
Massachusetts Coalition for Supervised Visitation with funds provided by the Office of Violence Against Women of the US Department of Justice, Safe Havens Grant #2003CWBX0033