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How can a 209A Protective Order help me with personal property?

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Reviewed September 2019

If you get a 209A order, the judge can order the person who abused you to “compensate” (pay) you for certain things that you need because of the abuse. 1 Things you need because of the abuse can be things you had to leave behind, things that were destroyed or things like:

  • money you could not earn because you were in a relationship where there was domestic violence
  • the financial support you were getting from the person who abused you while you were in the relationship
  • the cost of installing utilities in your new place, or restoring them if you are staying in the same place,
  • medical expenses because of the abuse,
  • the cost of replacing locks or personal property that the abusive person took or destroyed,
  • moving expenses, and
  • reasonable attorney’s fees.

The judge can also order the person who abused you to compensate you for other losses that are not on this list.

If I am not married and I am not getting a 209A order, is there any way for me to get my things?

See How can I get the rest of my things after I move out?


1 (The law says, “for the losses suffered as direct result of such abuse”) General Laws, Chapter 209A, section 3.

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