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Supplemental Benefits

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, based on DTA letter Storm Assistance in Hampden and Worcester Counties
Reviewed September, 2021

If you are getting SNAP/Food Stamps now you cannot get D-SNAP/Disaster Food Stamps.


You can apply for Replacement or Supplemental SNAP benefits.

Replacement SNAP Benefits

If you live in a town hit by a natural disaster you may be able to get replacement SNAP benefits.

How much Replacement SNAP can I get?

The amount of replacement benefits you can get is the amount of your regular monthly SNAP benefit.

How do I apply for Replacement SNAP?

DTA may automatically add a percentage of your benefits to your EBT account. Even if they give you a percentage of your benefits  you may be able to get the rest of your monthly SNAP benefit. Apply for the difference at DTA.

If they did not give you any replacement benefit,  apply at DTA for replacement benefits in person.

See Replacement SNAP in the Income and Benefits section.

Supplemental SNAP Benefits

If you live in a town hit by a natural disaster, you may be able to get the difference between your regular SNAP payment and the maximum SNAP payment for a household your size.

Find out the deadline for a supplemental SNAP application!

Apply for Supplemental SNAP benefits at the Department of Transitional Assistance.

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