Does someone who is incarcerated qualify for COVID-19 Stimulus Payments?

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Reviewed January 4, 2021

People who are incarcerated can qualify for the Economic Impact Payments as long as you meet the same qualifications for people who are not incarcerated. See Do I qualify for the Stimulus Payments?


Do not use your Social Security Number on your claim. Use your their unique personal corrections number to the address listed on the claim form.

See the flyer from Lieff Cabraser . Lieff Cabraser is the law firm that sued and won the lawsuit again the IRS, so that eligible people who are incarcerated can get stimulus payments.

If you are filing a paper form

Write 'EIP 2021' at the top of the form

Write your name in the boxes that ask for it.

Put your Social Security Number at the top of the form where it asks for it.

Just after your address,put your unique prison or corrections identifying number.

If you made less than $12,200 in 2019, or $24,400 if you were married and filing jointly,

put $1 on line 2b, $1 on line 7b, $1 on line 8b and $0 on line 11b.

Do not put anything else in on the first page.

On the second page Enter your bank account information if you have bank account. If you do not have bank account, leave this section blank.

Sign and date the tax return, and because we are in Massachusetts send it to:
Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
Kansas City, MO 64999-0002 

See a sample short 1040 form for claiming your stimulus payment.

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