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What can I do if my spouse took my 3rd stimulus payment?

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Created May, 2021

File a “superseding tax return” before May 18, 2021.

You can get your share of the 3rd stimulus payment if:

  • You already filed your 2020 tax returns jointly with your spouse, and
  • your spouse took all the stimulus money.

File a “superseding tax return” as

  • “married filing separately,” or
  • “head of household.”

The Internal Revenue Service should:

  • deposit your 3rd stimulus check in the bank account you put on your “superseding tax return,” or
  • mail you a check at the address you put in your “superseding tax return.”

You may be able to get help to file a “superseding tax return” from a Taxpayer Clinic.  They give free tax help to people who:

  • have a low-incomes, or
  • speak English as a second language.

Find a Taxpayer Clinic near you.

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