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Cell phones and personal electronic deveices are allowed in court houses

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Created June 24, 2020

After July 12, 2020 you may use your cell phone and other personal electronic devices in the public areas of the courthouse. You must not disrupt court business or proceedings and you must follow the rules:

  • In general, you may not take photographs or video anywhere inside a courthouse.
  • You must turn off your device or set it to silent and put it away out of sight when you enter a courtroom.
  • If you are with a news agency or you have permission from a judge, clerk, register, a chief probation officer, or someone who works for them, you may be able to take pictures.
  • If the judge in your case gives you permission, you may use your device.


If you break the rules, the court may take your device or make you leave the courthouse. 

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