Notice to Consumer Debtors

Produced by Attorney Mariah Jennings-Rampsi for MassLegalHelp
Created October 2016

Read the Notice to Consumer Debtors from the Bankruptcy Court:

  • The notice tells you to use a bankruptcy attorney if you can.  It says that you must attend a “credit counseling” session before you file for bankruptcy.
  • After you file for bankruptcy, you must complete a financial management course.  Your bankruptcy will not be over and you will not get rid of your debts until you attend this class. 
  • The notice goes through the different types of bankruptcies a person or business may file. 
  • Finally, this notice says you must fill out your bankruptcy paperwork truthfully and completely.  Do not hide any property or tell the bankruptcy court anything that is not true.  If you do, you can be fined or imprisoned.  Making an honest mistake is not a bankruptcy crime.  You just have to do your best to answer all the questions truthfully on your forms.

Read the whole notice now.

Filing without a lawyer

  • Bankruptcy is complicated. Filing without a lawyer is risky.
  • You can lose property and money. You can go to jail if you do not tell the truth.

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