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How do I find out how much the other parent is making?

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Reviewed July 2023

3 ways to show how much the other parent makes are:

  1. After you file the complaint, send the other parent a pink financial statement to complete and send back to you. They must send it back to you within a certain number of days.
  2. If you have any of their recent pay check stubs, bring them to your hearing and show the judge.
  3. Subpoena the other parent's wage records.

Financial Statement

After you file the complaint, send the other parent of your child a blank Financial Statement and a letter asking him to fill it out by a certain date. The other parent is supposed to give it to you within 10 days of you asking for it. When they send it back, you will know what they make - as long as they tell the truth on the form.

If you do not send a letter asking for the filled out Financial Statement, the other parent is still supposed to give it to you by 45 days after the sheriff serves them the Complaint.

If you file a Motion for Temporary Support, the other parent is supposed to send you the completed Financial Statement at least 2 days before the hearing date for the motion.

What if the other parent refuses to fill out the Financial Statement?

The law says the other parent must fill out the Financial Statement and send you a copy. They can get in trouble with the court for refusing. If they do not send you the form within the time limit, you can file a motion that asks the court to make them send it to you. This is called a Motion to Compel.

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