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What Can DOR do to enforce a Child Support Order?

Produced by Attorney Jeff Wolf for MassLegalHelp
Created January, 2012

The Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement Division can take "administrative action" to enforce child support orders. "Administrative action" means that DOR does not have to go to court. For example, DOR can:

  • levy against the parent's bank account.
  • take action to have the parent's driver's license or professional license suspended, revoked, not issued, or not renewed.

See the DOR Administrative Enforcement brochure for information about these and other administrative actions that DOR can take.

DOR can also go to court to enforce a child support order. They can file a Complaint for Contempt against a parent who has not paid his or her child support. 

DOR has an application form pdf icon you can use to apply for child support services. The application includes information and instructions.

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Stop DOR from collecting

If you owe back child support to DOR, use this guided interview to stop DOR from collecting.

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