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Privacy Policy

Produced by Caroline Robinson Websites Project Co-director - MassLegalHelp
Reviewed August 2019

MassLegalHelp cares about keeping your personal information safe.  We want the website to be a safe and valuable place for you to learn about your rights and responsibilities. We want you to share what you learn with your friends.

We also want the information to be useful and helpful to you. Therefore, we use cookies and collect IP addresses to measure audience statistics. We never trace this information back to any one person.

When you contact us or when you send a page to a friend,
we keep your name, your email address and your message so we can respond to you. Keeping track of pages that you email to your friends helps us learn what information is of the most value to our readers.

When you send an email to your friend, the system automatically collects your friend's email address, but then we delete it.

We cannot give you legal advice and we ask you not to send any personal information to us. We only share your information with the legal services network and third-parties who research and develop products to improve legal services websites.

We only use any information you share with us to learn about how we can be more helpful to you and how we can make the site better for you.

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