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Head’s up — MassLegalHelp is getting a new look!

At the beginning of March, we will be relaunching this website with a brand-new look. You may notice some things moved around, but our main content will stay the same. We hope the improved design will make it easier to find what you are looking for.


MassLegalHelp invites human services workers is a website that explains the laws of Massachusetts in language
that is easy to understand. You can use the website to help your clients learn
what the law says about the legal rights and the responsibilities of Massachusetts
residents. You can also find ways to help your clients cope with some of their
legal problems including locating a legal services program in your area.

What's online?

The Massachusetts legal services community works together to produce the website
so you get information written by people who know the law and who know your
clients. All the sections begin with a general overview so you can quickly learn your
rights or explain them to some one else. The information
is divided into the major topics, that are most relevant to people who are
living on very little income in Massachusetts:

  • Children and Families
  • Consumer
  • Domestic Violence
  • Employment and Unemployment
  • Health and Mental Health
  • Housing
  • Income and Benefits
  • School
  • Seniors
  • CORI
  • Disability

What will I find?

  • More detailed information as you drill down into a particular topic;
  • Practical steps involved in helping someone to help themselves;
  • Forms and sample letters that you can fill in on your computer and print;
  • Cites and links to the laws you are reading about;
  • Entire advocacy guides as well as the Legal Tactics series of books on
  • Email-this-web-page to someone;
  • Easy to remember web addresses like,;
  • The site is responsive. Although this website is not a way to get legal
    advice, you will get an answer directing you to more resources;
  • Every web page has links to finding the legal services program in your
    area and links to other helpful resources and services;
  • Webpages that are accessible so people with visual impairments can easily
    get the information we produce;
  • You can find MassLegalHelp in 6 other languages by typing in
    front of any of the following: Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Portuguese,
    Haitian- Creole
    , or Chinese.

What do you think?

Contact us! We are committed to making the legal system accessible to underserved residents
of Massachusetts. To this end we are eager to hear suggestions, recommendations
and requests from you about how we can improve

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